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Eating Each Others Babies

She flares up, they start to fight

A chemical reaction late into the night

Once they're out of love, now they're outta sight

That's alright

When silence reigns, it's strange weather

Why do you have to leave me for a man

Who couldn't tie his shoe-laces together?

He's had the last laugh but the joke's on him

He could've had a final bang but drags on with a whimper

When dogs bark

And when cats meow

Two humans are the animals they knew they could be now

Sniffing round each other's dirt

Fighting til it starts to hurt

And eating each other's babies

Paperback's get thrown, the story unfolds

Two lost sheep who couldn't find the fold

They got no common sense, couldn't catch the common cold

I've been told

She fights tooth and claw, he starts to abuse her

You show me someone who takes losing well

And I'll show you a loser

He's a very small man wearing very big clothes

There's no room for expansion but there's plenty of room for growth

When dogs bark

And when cats meow

Two humans fighting middleweight, instead of middlebrow

Picking on those little things

Tearing off each other's wings

And eating each other's babies

We're stuck here in this cage

Playing out this prison game

Committing all these war crimes

Time after time after time after time after time

Something clicks, time to get soft

She's getting on, he's getting off

On the way she splutters with her little cough

That's enough

They're so adept, he used to spoil her

Sometimes we get so see through

Think I'm living out some potboiler

Remember me forever in your gallery

When all your past is catalogu

Джон Уэсли

Eating Each Others Babies / Джон Уэсли

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