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Джон Уэйт Джон УэйтИсполнитель и вокалист музыкальных групп 'Babys' и 'Bad English'


We've seen a lifetime since we met

Through good and bad

And things we won't forget

Forgotten promises and broken vows

But we always made it through somehow

But the key to you is broken in the lock

And a simple band of gold is all we've got

It's in the things that I can't say

That tear us both apart

But if you keep listening

You'll hear inside my heart of hearts

Darling, the simple things are hard to say

And darling the words get in the way

The poet sees the world through rhymes

But only says so much

See darling, the words are in my touch

the meaning's in my touch

And maybe there's something I should say

To make everything that's wrong Ok

A simple phrase, a sonnet from a play

But a man can only say so much these days

And we're drifting to the deep end of the lake

Trying to make good on our past mistakes

And I know you tried

But heaven's here and now

I've got no explanation

Words are worthless to me now

Darling... etc

Джон Уэйт

Touch / Джон Уэйт

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