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Джон Уэйт Джон УэйтИсполнитель и вокалист музыкальных групп 'Babys' и 'Bad English'

Imaginary Girl

Do you think you have to act

like you're someone else with me

Like a cover girl

Or a barbie doll

Or a beauty queen

You'll be gone when I wake up

to the Rolling Stones

And the jukes and earls

But I ain't looking for

An imaginary girl

Who are you really?

Come on tell me

Deep behind blue eyes

And what's on today's agenda

In your enterprise

Do you weigh the odds before you speak

Straighten out your curls

But I'm not taken in

By an imaginary girl


Who are you trying to be

Why are you so counterfeit

What's your problem

Who do you want to be anyway

Cause I need reality

That's right

Come on be straight with me

You're like a damaged nerve

You're like a dirt road curve

Do you think you have to act

Like your someone else with me

Cause I don't believe you

You're an imaginary girl

Don't believe you babe

Thought I saw you once

When you just let go

And took your heart down off the shelf

When you turned around and looked at me baby

You were nobody else

That's what I'm looking for deep inside of you

That hidden precious pearl

Not the act of love

From an imaginary girl

I can't buy into your imaginary world


Won't be taken in

By an imaginary girl

So who are you saving it for

In your imaginary world


I guess I'm resigned to an imaginary girl

I'm in love with an imaginary girl

Джон Уэйт

Imaginary Girl / Джон Уэйт

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