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Deep Blue Heart

Written by John Mellencamp

Daylight is leaving

And the night is closing in

In just a few hours

The sleeplessness begins again

My head feels thick

And I'm unable to think

I guess I'll wait 'til tomorrow

And see what it brings

I have a little hope left

And I guess that's someplace to start

But my memory's full

Of a deep blue heart.

My fun-loving sense of humor

Is nowhere to be found

I stare into my own eyes

With tears flowing down

I'd sing out a song

But I've forgotten the tune

And the words now escape me

But I think it's about you

My vision now is way out in the dark

With just a little sight left

Of a deep blue heart

I see us both flying

In the clear blue sky

Floating out on the ocean

With the sun in our eyes

Caught in a moment

Just me and you

In complete honesty

Where everything is true

That's what I wanted to believe

Right from the start

Just a little place for myself

In a deep blue heart

Carve out a place for myself

In your deep blue heart

Джон Мелленкамп

Deep Blue Heart / Джон Мелленкамп

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