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I have these dreams I'm walking home

home where it used to be

everything is as it was

frozen in front of me

here I stand six feet small

romanticizing years ago

well it's a bittersweet feeling

hearing "Wrapped Around Your Finger" on the radio

and these days

I wish I was six again

oh make me a red cape

I wanna be Superman

oh if only my life was more like 1983

all these things would be more like they were at the start of me

I had it made in 83

thinking about my brother Ben

I miss him everyday

he looks just like his brother John

but on an eighteen month delay

no such thing

why georgia

my stupid mouth

your body is a wonderland


city love



love song for no one

back to you

great indoors

not myself

st. patrick's day

Джон Майер

83 / Джон Майер

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