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The curtains were made for moving

Cause you know sometimes your not always there

You don't need it now, your head's shaped like a cow

Till all is here, the world's just a sphere

No bigger than the balls you suck

Hey you with your hat down

Don't you know that can't be where it's always at?

You've all been always there, your head's shaped like a pear

You search thru the light, instead of jumped in the pie

Of life that you slice till it's just dry.

You're so often seen along

The westside wheel of the meals that you steal

To get around the coaching of this loss

It's always made you feel the best

You always made less and less of the casual forces

That lead you away from the nest.

I know your face, It's all out of place.

Джон Фрусчанте

Curtains / Джон Фрусчанте

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