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Well Ive Been

Well I've been dreaming

It's rainy days are over

Are over, over!

Rain from the roof

And the stars will fall for you

And all the world


What did you find

While you were nowhere

Did you seem to care

oh, aworgh....

Your shabby clothes where you can't be sold or bought,

Your gold.


";Well I've Been"; by John Frusciante

Lyrics Transcribed by Thatyou

well I've been dreaming

Its rainy days are over

are over, over and from you

and the stars you fall for you

and and all the world

What did you find while you were nowhere

did you seem to care ohhh

your shabby clothes well you can't be sold

or bought your gold

Джон Фрусчанте

Well Ive Been / Джон Фрусчанте

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