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Could you think of a better way

To be even scaring the sky away

And making me a part of this

Corner of meaningless darkness

Of course you could but I'd rather be

What I strive along for just to be

You love your country, love the strife

Relieve your cock on your beloved wife

But I'm playing a different tune

Cause I'm moving to the moon

But I'm not prepared to go against you

And fly and jump in your corruption stoop

And since while I'm around

I've got a few things to do

So I live on the mountain rock

And move along cuz you're just

Dancing like a fish and I judge a cold

I can't imagine your wife using that to swallow.

But you see I'm gonna cum down a feminine's throat

In the surrealistic pain and wearing a coat

So I have space that you can't trace to carry my love

And you just have waste

And you just have waste...

Джон Фрусчанте

Femininity / Джон Фрусчанте

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