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The Slaughter

I'll know her face a mile away

YOu'll be there in the slaughter

Freeing me when I'm cornered

Being arrested by the mind cops

They're the only ones worth changing what you do for

And I try to be in line

I guide my fate

And what it's good for there's no telling

It's blood

It's a flood

I'll know her face a mile away

She'll take me straight through that gate

Living there in a flower

You wouldn't have made it without her

Though she seems to stay in one place

She grows with your life

So cry for time

What's slow is fast at the same time

It comes to life

And if it dies

You'd never notice cuz it

It slides as it climbs

I'll know her face a mile away

And I'll know my pains a life away

Джон Фрусчанте

The Slaughter / Джон Фрусчанте

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