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I Aint Never

Wellllllll, I ain't never, I ain't never, seen nobody like you,

No no never, have I ever, seen nobody like you-oo-oo.

You call me up, say you'll meet me at nine,

I have to hurry, hurry, but I'm there on time,

I walk right up and knock on your door,

The landlord says "She ain't here no more."


I ain't never, oh darlin', seen nobody like you-oo-oo,

But I love ya, yeah I love ya, I love you just the same.

Well, you tell me things that you don't mean,

You got me livin' in a haunted dream,

You make me do things, I don't wanna do,

My friends they stay away, but what's so wrong with you?


I love you just the same.

Джон Фогерти

I Aint Never / Джон Фогерти

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