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Джон Денвер Джон ДенверАмериканский кантри-певец

Yellowstone, Coming Home

Oh-ooo oh-ooo oh-ooo oh-ooo

Oh, the Yellowstone, Oh the buffalo free

Oh, my brother the wolf, my lover the moon

Oh, the little one, oh, the joy that I fell

Oh, the love in my heart, a wilderness song

Oh-ooo 0h-ooo oh-ooo oh-ooo

Oh, the waterfall, Oh the river that runs

Oh, my brother the wind, my sister the sea

Oh, the ocean shore, oh the castles of stone

Oh, the mountain top calling to me

Oh-ooo oh-ooo, coming home oh-ooo oh-ooo

Returning, forever returning, coming home

Belonging, forever belonging, never alone

Oh, the mystery, Oh the dreaming of dreams

Oh, my brother my own, my sister my own

Oh, the tenderness, Oh, the longing for love

Oh, the beautiful way, the sweet coming home

Oh-ooo oh-ooo, coming home oh-ooo oh-ooo

Джон Денвер

Yellowstone, Coming Home / Джон Денвер

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