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Джон Денвер Джон ДенверАмериканский кантри-певец

The Children Of Bethlehem


The children of Bethlehem,

One cold winter's night,

Were wakened by singing,

And a heavenly light.

With whispers and murmurs,

On pattering feet,

The children of Bethlehem

Came into the street.

The people were sleeping,

All safely in bed.

The children heard singing

In the sky overhead.

They heard, "Peace will be with you,

Whoever you are.

Oh, come to the stable

Come, follow the Star!"

And the children of Bethlehem,

That cold winter's night,

Came down to the stable;

They followed the light.

Now the roosters were crowing,

At the dawning of day.

The baby lay sleeping.

In the manger he lay.

The children of Bethlehem,

Came in two by two.

They came to the manger,

That the Star brought them to.

They came to the manger,

Where the sweet Baby lay.

The children of Bethlehem,

Showed us the way.

Джон Денвер

The Children Of Bethlehem / Джон Денвер

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