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Джон Кейл Джон КейлВаллийский рок исполнитель, участник музыкального коллектива "The Velvet Underground"

Here She Comes Now

Here it comes the count-down

It's gone gone, baby

Got my eyes wide open

Ever since I was crippled on Monday,

Got my eyeballs on my knees, a baby-walking

I rapped for hours with Mad Mary Williams,

She said she never understood a word from me because

I know she cares about me

I heard her call my name

I know she's long dead and gone

Still it ain't the same

When I woke up in the morning, mama

I heard her call my name

I know she's dead and long, long gone

I heard her call my name

And The I felt my mind split open

Джон Кейл

Here She Comes Now / Джон Кейл

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