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Джон Кейл Джон КейлВаллийский рок исполнитель, участник музыкального коллектива "The Velvet Underground"

Pastoral Angst

Welcome to the goldrush, ladies and gentlemen, where california begins and maybe ends.

California is the last stop on the great hitchhike west and now it's getting a little full. too many thumbs. well, when you get too many people in one place, you get intolerance and contempt and

Dity and tension and sarcasm, distrust, anxiety, envy, hate, cynicism, discontent, self-pity, malice, suspicion, jealousy and snobbishness. and this leads right into poetry, painting, sculpture,

E, music and literature, photography. these are known as the arts. and art will break your heart. so what? so will a good meal. art is not the spiritual side of business-as-usual.

And art is not for everyone. never has been and it never will be. now me, i don't know much about art, but i do like what i know. you know in these days when everybody is mistaking celebrity for

Nt, ambition for genius, self-pity for humility, style for content and loathing for love, they spend a lot of time getting in touch with themself. and then they find self-justification, self-rig

Sness, self-obsession, self-pity, self-loathing, self-concern, self-centredness, self-reliance, and self-serving gratification.

Джон Кейл

Pastoral Angst / Джон Кейл

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