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Джо Уолш Джо Уолшгитарист и вокалист американской группы The Eagles

Look At Us Now

People, look at us now

In the midst of confusion

We lost sight somehow

How, in the name of the planet

I just don't understand it

Look at us now

People, open your eyes

How can everyone see it

And yet be so blind?

And still, still we go on pretending

Nothing is wrong, we don't have that long

Open your eyes

Children, this is your song

In case someday you need one

Long after I'm gone

Please take care of the planet

Like the way that God planned it

And pass it along

Please, take care of the planet

That's the way that God planned it

Pass it along, to your children

Children, children.....

Джо Уолш

Look At Us Now / Джо Уолш

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