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Джо Уолш Джо Уолшгитарист и вокалист американской группы The Eagles


You say it's time to go

But you don't want to leave

Fooling with the keys

I'd like to see the show

But I just don't think it's that easy

But if it's everywhere you look

If it's easy to see

We'll all be floating on a breeze

Bishop takes a rook

It looks like the way back

Is moving the stone

And I was playing out the role of pretender

Trying to get them straight into line

She said she needed me to defend her

Home, home ...

You say you're sitting at the bus stop

Waiting at the gate

Got the ticket in your hand

I'm getting kind of hot

I don't seem to have got what you paid for

And it isn't worth the fuss

But it's looking in the way

You know he doesn't understand

It's not the way you planned out the handout

To pay the band

I was standing in the line with the crazies

Smoking half and drinking the rest

Feeling fine and kind of lazy

Hoping I was passing the test

Home, home ...

Джо Уолш

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