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Джо Джексон Джо ДжексонАнглийский музыкант, поэт-песенник и исполнитель


Here darkness never quite descends

Only the toughest stars

Hang with neon friends

Over neon candy stores

Till the bitter end

Oh madness

Waits for me someday

Raising a champagne glass

Down some dark alleyway

Down some mean magnetic street

Stopping me to say...

You could live anywhere you want to

Give me one reason to stay

Here monsters walk the earth again

Mermaids in black and gold

Perfume and cocaine

Rising from a teeming sea

Asking me again...

You could have anyone you want to

Give me one reason to stay

I think i'll stay

Джо Джексон

Stay / Джо Джексон

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