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Faded Pictures

That's right

Life is funny ain't it

Sometimes you can end up with

Somebody you really don't wanna be with

And others left to figure it out

Check it

She was more than a women, a goddess for all to see

All I ever needed was her right here loving me

For a while we were cool and the groovin' of love was on

But I still remember how it felt when her love was gone


Tattered picture book

Was a photograph she took years ago

Secret memories in her mind, how could love be so unkind

Heartbreak time


Faded pictures in a broken glass

Like a mirror revealing

What the woman is feeling

Was it someone from a distant past

'Cos it's breaking my heart

To watch her stare into the glass

As she turned through the pages the tears rolled down her face

I could see her reminiscing, why her life had to be this way

As she stopped and she came to a page where her diary end

To smell the scent of an old rose, from her lover I suppose



As she stares into the glass, I'll be waiting

'Cos she's lost inside the past (x2)


Faded pictures in a broken glass

Фет Джо

Faded Pictures / Фет Джо

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