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It Aint Like That

[Verse 1]

Everytime i turn around you got a quiz where you at where you going where you been. Well i

guess you that been talkn' to your friends here we go again. Somebody said somebody saw me

drop a shorty at the curb she had low rise jeans

and some curves. I swear to god it wasn't me that's my word. I don't care what they say no.


I'm not the only one with a cranapple benz. Drop stop sitting on. I was a player. Now that

we're together boo, I ain't crushin no one but you. Everytime i go you start to trip.

Thinkin' i be with some other chik. Worryin' about things that don't exist girl it ain't like

that. I used to have a black book thats for sho, but i don't call the numbers anymore cuz i'm

your man baby you should know girl it ain't like that it ain't like that.

[Verse 2]

Think about it when you met me girl you know my game was tight had my choice of any women

that i liked. then i met somebody special in my life till i saw you baby. Told you then

better be careful what you're hearing from your friends that they try to come between us in

the end. Cuz i chose to be with you not one

of them. That's what it is baby.


[Verse 3]

Im lookin' when i come off the grind (you're the one).. and look girl you've got all my time

(you're the one). I'm choosin out my baby the one i make my lady.Even though you drive me

crazy ( you're the one). Whose name is on my bank

account. Who spends my cash in large amounts. Look at your finger girl,look how it's blinging

girl. Normally the things you burn.


Everytime i go you start to trip thinkin' i be with someother chik. Worryin bout things that

don't exist girl it ain't like that. I used to have a blac

Фет Джо

It Aint Like That / Фет Джо

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