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Фет Джо Фет ДжоАмериканский рэппер.

Lovers Prayer

For love

For life and eternity

This is my prayer

I pray that our love

Is more than enough

To weather the storm

I pray that you're strong

The nights that I'm gone

And you're home alone

I pray you'll forgive

Whateva I did

That brought you the tears

I pray here right now

As I make this vow

We last through the years

Lover's prayer

When I get down on my knees at night

Lover's prayer

I pray God we gonna be alright

Lover's prayer

With my head down and my hands up high

How I hope he will answer my

Lover's prayer

I pray that the sun

Continues to shine

With all that you do

No matter the bad

No matter how low

you'll make it through

I pray that I'm there

Whateve you want whateva you need

I pray that your heart

Carries apart, apart of me

I pray that your smile would

Light up my life won't ever fade

I pray that the trials we share between

Us won't ever break

I pray that you hold all of

Your dreams you will exceed

My final prayer you'll take this ring

And you will bear my seed

Фет Джо

Lovers Prayer / Фет Джо

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