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Фет Джо Фет ДжоАмериканский рэппер.

World Of Girls

Met a girl on trip to Spain

Took a walk and in the rain

Dinner by candle-light

Every night

She was every man's delight

Had a dream__

Bentley and humor

And I fell in love

Instantly the way she put that thing on me

I have kissed the most exotic faces

From London to Honolulu

Made love in the most romantic places

What more can one man do

Livin' in a world of girls

It's like swimming in a sea of peals

Tastes like caviar

Watching shooting stars

She's like _sh to the touch

Diamonds in a ruff

Had a girl who was a beauty queen

Most beautiful one to me

Straight out of a magazine


Took a ride on my__

Puerto Rican, Dominican, Americana

And beautiful Rio Janiero

And they all look so good to me

Like a ride in an air balloon

Through the sky on a night with a silver moon

Like the first time lovers kissed

Like the first time lovers with come true

Like a Saturday sun

Like a rush when you know you're found

That one

It feels so good to me

Фет Джо

World Of Girls / Фет Джо

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