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Фет Джо Фет ДжоАмериканский рэппер.

Soon As I Get Paid

Gotta get that money

Get that money

Gotta get that money

Get that money...


You've been working all day

Just to pay your rent

When they give you your check

Its already spent

And the credit collectors are stalking you

Every bill you have is overdue

[1] - I've been working hard as hell for you

To show you things you've never knew

Don't have to do it all by yourself

In just a little while you'll see

That things will turn around

[2] - I'll take your clothes off layway

I'll take you shopping every day

Anything you want girl, it's okay

Girl I'll buy you things you've never dreamed of

As soon as I get paid

Making love in a house in the Spanish Isles

A mi casa a tu casa along the Nile

You're a beautiful girl with expensive dreams

When I get it, you got it, like 1-2-3

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 2 (cut off by breakdown)]

Won't let you want no more

Once I get on top

Gonna give you all I got

You'll be secure

Never have to worry 'bout no bills no more

[Repeat 2]

[Repeat 2 (W ad-libs and vocal variations 2x)]

[Repeat 2 (W new last line)]

Gonna buy you Prada, Gucci, Fendi soon as I get paid

Фет Джо

Soon As I Get Paid / Фет Джо

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