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Фет Джо Фет ДжоАмериканский рэппер.

Santified Girl



i can't fight it


sanctified sanctified sanctified

(verse 1)

what is best when i kiss your lips

i get the sweetest hangover come over me (yeah yeah)

state of bliss with your fingertips

you get me soooo excited how can i fight it?


ooh i'm so into you; do what you wanna do

sanctified girl cause your body's got me hoping

and when your body calls

mine always listens

sanctified girl, cause your body's got me hoping (look down)


lookin down on us from mirrored ceilings

i can't get enough of what this deal is

it may be wrong, but it's so appealing

baby, baby i can't fight this feeling

(verse 2)

when you said "it's okay to cum", i was surrendered inside

your private place (ooh yeah)

it feels good, don't it one-on-one

so many times i will love you in so-many-waaaaaays

(repeat bridge)

(repeat chorus)

(repeat bridge)

(repeat chorus)


noooooo no, nooooo no

no no no no (i can't fight it baby)

(repeat bridge and chorus and add lib till fade

Фет Джо

Santified Girl / Фет Джо

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