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I Understand

I understand [x 4]

Girl I understand, I understand,

See I understand,

You used to be the life of the party

But now you walk with head hung low

Cause he ride your nerves like a harley

And it's obvious that wasn't there before

Now you taken to wearing make up

To hide the marks that wasn't there before

In your heart you wanna break up

Can't find the nerve to walk out the door

Why don't you take those chains and break those chains

No love should cause you so much pain

Why don't you walk away before it gets too late

Leave him now

(see I understand)

Love should never hurt

You should have left the first time that he hit you

But instead you just stead and cried

Your friends and family tried to tell you

But you told them to mind their B.I

A career girl with a bright future

You had so much going on in your life

Since that man came along and abused you

Bour life has been everything but right

Two babies at home, can't pay the damn loan

Girl it's all wrong, you gotta move on

You say you really love him, I understand lady but tell me

Why don't you leave that man, go on your own

You're so fine, you are strong

Spread your wings, fly away

Girl don't cry another day

Don't give up, take a chance

Find your way, take a stand

You'll find that there's a better plan out there for you

Фет Джо

I Understand / Фет Джо

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