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Here She Comes

Sorry baby - didn't mean to do this to you

Sorry baby - didn't mean to do this to you

After a long night of lusting

Shorty came home while I was crushing

I'm about to get busted

I'm rushing

It's about to unfold

And I'm about to get thrown in the cold

Cause she be on some left-eye shit

Might set my house on fire-take a brick to my whip

Oh no!

I wanna hit it some more

But I think I heard my girl put her keys in the door

Can I hide under the bed(You can't go there)

In the closet(You can't go there)

On the balcony(But you can't, she'll look)

There's a hide-away behind the bush

Oh no here she comes

Shorty bounce my girl is on her way upstairs

I know here she comes

You need to get your shit and get up out of here

Oh no here she comes

You're about to get a __ straight __

Oh no here she comes


I know she's gonna trip

If she finds you here messing with her man

Better disappear

Think I got a plan

Get you outta here


You should jump out the window

I gotta come yp with an excuse

The reason why I had a girl up in this room

She won't believe me though

Cause we been through the same situation before

Фет Джо

Here She Comes / Фет Джо

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