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Джоан Осборн Джоан ОсборнАмериканская певица и автор песен.

On The Old Kentucky Shore


Up along the Ohio River

Over on the old Kentucky shore

Once dwelt a fair young maiden

Now there's a crepe upon her door

I walk down to the graveyard

Down by the Church of God

I looked upon the one I love

That would soon be covered with sod

Repeat Chorus

The angels took my darlin'

God needed the one I love

I reached the old Kentucky shore too late

I'll make my plans and meet her up above

The last words that my darling spoke

Was tell the one I love goodbye

I'd like to see him before I go

But I'll meet him in the sky

Repeat Chorus

Джоан Осборн

On The Old Kentucky Shore / Джоан Осборн

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