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Джоан Осборн Джоан ОсборнАмериканская певица и автор песен.

100 Years

The sun is warm as the day is long

Just got the feeling I can do no wrong

Got a long way to walk can't afford my next meal,

I tell a few lies, but my hunger is real and it...


won't mean thing in 100 years

no it won't mean a thing in 100 years

Mademoiselle tell me do you play

well if she shakes her head well

then that's OK

I watch her walk away in haste

there's just no accounting for

some people's taste

and it...


Big angry men in the doorway there

Just keep on walking like I don't care

Why you giving such an evil eye

could it be you were ignored by

every passerby

and it...


Play in the park for tobacco and food

then I excuse myself but they think I'm rude

Tourist don't want me to end his show

but this colorful attraction got

place to go

and it...


Sit at the pier watch the sun go down

Another lost little boy in a big old town

I want to laugh, I want to cry

but no matter how hard I may try

Chorus twice

Джоан Осборн

100 Years / Джоан Осборн

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