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(Joan JettKenny Laguna)

This is the moment I been waitin' on

And thinkin' on the whole day thru

I'm so excited that my tongue gets tied

When I get next to you

It's all messed up I'm afraid

I'll never get the chance

So the time is now but I

Wish I had a better plan

How to make contact

I wanna make contact

I wanna make contact, oh yeah

I wanna make contact

I luv to watch ya but I never let ya

Catch me when I'm starin' at you

Ya look so special and I really wanna

Tell ya but I never do

We go thru life like ships passin'

Thru the night

If I could break the ice then I'd

Know it'd be alright

Wanna make contact

Wanna make contact

Wanna make contact, oh yeah

Wanna make contact

I could be satisfied

Makin' it with you

Then doin' it over and over and over

The whole night through

I wanna make contact

Джоан Джетт

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