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Джоан Арматрейдинг Джоан АрматрейдингАнглийская певица, талантливая гитаристка

Down to Zero

Oh the feeling

When you're reeling

You step lightly thinking you're number one

Yown to zero with a word


For another one

Now you walk with your feet

Back on the ground

Down to the ground

Down to the ground

Down to the ground

Down to the ground

Brand new dandy

First class scene stealer

Walks through the crowd and takes your man

Sends you rushing to the mirror

Brush your eyebrows and say

There's more beauty in you than anyone

Oh remember who walked the warm sands beside you

Moored to your heel

Let the waves come a rushing in

She'll take the worry from your head

But then again

She put trouble in your heart instead

Then you'll fall

Down to the ground

Down to the ground

You'll know heartache

Still more crying

When you're thinking of your mother's only son

Take to your bed

You say there's peace in sleep

But you'll dream of love instead

Oh the heartache you'll find

Can bring more pain than a blistering sun

But oh when you fall

Oh when you fall

Fall at my door...

Джоан Арматрейдинг

Down to Zero / Джоан Арматрейдинг

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