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Джоан Арматрейдинг Джоан АрматрейдингАнглийская певица, талантливая гитаристка

Your Letter

I read your letter yesterday

If fell between the covers

And my bare skin

It fell between my crying

And my longing for you

I loved this one

Too long

This one much to much

Sometimes I gave just enough of myself

But most times nothing at all

And you've been gone

Too long

You know I love you the best

You call me crazy

That's how you won my heart

'Cos you were half crazy too

I read your letter again today

Out loud

And to myself

It gave me back my sanity

I didn't feel so alone

Won't be too soon

Not like the night

Not like the night on a summer's day

Can't wait to see you step across the room

Empty room

Save you and me

I feel your touches in your letters

But it's not half as good as you touching me

In real

Джоан Арматрейдинг

Your Letter / Джоан Арматрейдинг

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