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Джоан Арматрейдинг Джоан АрматрейдингАнглийская певица, талантливая гитаристка



How everything feels so strange

Since you walked out on me

I should be feeling blue

I should be feeling sad

But strange

So strange

I'm not crying over you

Strange how this place

Once too small

no room to breathe

Now overpowers me

Now I'm free to choose

I only see the walls

Closing in on me

So strange

So strange

I'm not missing you

When I was a girl

I dreamed about you

And for a while

You made my life a dream

But now it's all over

And it all seems so


How the real stories end

No happy ever after

No beginning again


So strange

So strange

I'm not missing you

Джоан Арматрейдинг

Strange / Джоан Арматрейдинг

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