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Richard Frost

Richard Frost

by: Jimmy Buffett

Richard Frost left Alabama heading west to find his fame

Only got to Oklahoma and that's where he changed his name

Now he plays a little tavern all the drunks say he's a star

Hollywood forgot his number now he's stuck in Kelly's Bar

But is he happy my friend

or does he pretend?

Is every song a routine chore?

Well he every decide

to go and not hide

behind his fear and Kelly's backstage door

Richard Frost draws 90 people and on weekends lines grow long

Singing loud and laughing with them the crowd reacts to every song

Bigger worlds (?) can't help but make you more aware of what you see

Afraid of what's beyond just eyesight keeps the worlds in harmony

La da da da da da

La da da da da da

La da da da da da da da

La da da da da da

La da da da da da

La da da da da da da da

Джимми Баффетт

Richard Frost / Джимми Баффетт

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