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Джимми Баффетт Джимми Баффетт Американский певец, автор песен, кинопродюсер, предприниматель

Miss You So Badly

I guess it all blew up in Missoula

There just was no other way

After months of going crazy

There was nothing left to say

But when the dust had finally settled

And the air had quickly cleared

Things were better off than I had feared

And I miss you so badly

Girl I love you madly

Feelin' so sad now since I been gone

Gone, gone

And it gets quite confusin'

It seems that I'm loosin' track of

the long days since I been home

Were stayin' in a Holiday Inn full of surgeons

I guess they meet there once a year

They exchange physician stories

And get drunk on Tuborg beer

Then they're off to catch a stripper

With their eyes glued to her G

But I don't think that I would ever let them cut on me

And I miss you so badly

Girl I love you madly

I think I been had though, for stayin so long

Long, long

And I'm just watchin' the Gong show

Waitin' for Zorro

Loosin' the long day since I been home

I got a head of full of feelin' higher

And an ear full of Patsy Cline

There is just no one who can touch her

Hell I'll hang on every line

Oh crazy how things happen

It's incredible but true

Oh the longer I'm gone the closer I feel to you

And I miss you so badly

Girl I love you madly

I'm feelin' so glad just to be headin' home

Home, home

And I been battling hotel maids

Chewin' on Rolaids

Countin' the hours `til I get home

Oh I been counting the hours `til I get home

Джимми Баффетт

Miss You So Badly / Джимми Баффетт

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