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Джимми Баффетт Джимми Баффетт Американский певец, автор песен, кинопродюсер, предприниматель

Flesh And Bone

If men came from Venus

And women came from Mars,

Then I'd be lunching with my boyfriends

While you girls talked about cigars.

But that's not how it happened;

Evolution took a different turn.

We may be creatures with some unique features

But we've still got a lot to learn.

We've made it nearly twenty centuries

A bunch of monkeys with PhD's.

Spun a web of communications

But it's all still a tangle to me.

I can't tell the spiders

From the dangling flies and moths.

I fell like some outsider,

Who seems to have his wires all crossed.


I can't fax you my love.

I can't e-mail you my heart.

I can't see your face in cyberspace,

I don't know where to start.

I'm light years behind from the age the call stone.

I'm a carbon based caveman honey, just flesh and bone.

I ain't no clone, I'm just flesh and bone

Trying to connect with you.

I ain't no clone, I'm just flesh and bone

Tryin' to get the message through.

Now we live in the age computers.

They run everything in the world.

And I'm a little behind on this technical climb

And your are an Internet girl.

I've got words but no processor.

I've got feelings but I don't know DOS.

So I just have to go back to basics

And try to get my point across.

Desperate for a glimpse of the future.,

We use crystals and cards and dice.

And that Y2K is coming our way.

They're talkin' 'bout some worldly strife.

It's time to think of simpler options.

It's time to formulate a big plan B,

So if your hard drive does crash,

I got some Krugerands stashed.

Come on and sail away with me.


Джимми Баффетт

Flesh And Bone / Джимми Баффетт

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