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Джимми Баффетт Джимми Баффетт Американский певец, автор песен, кинопродюсер, предприниматель

Dixie Diner

"yeah, yeah, yeah. wooo. we're going to take you up that Mississippi river

Now one time. yeah one time. up to an old favorite town of mine where i

Visit now and then just for one special reason, that's good eatin'. 'cause

I know a place on Tillman St. between ****** and ***** that can't be beat.

Emma Mae been cookin' there for forty-eight years and she ain't missed a

Lick yet baby. she's got hot sweet potatoes and cracklin' bread. ooh. and

Mulligan stew to turn Jimmy Buffett's head. woo, black-eyed peas and them

Good ol' collard greens, wooo. you know...

You know what...


That nothin' could be finer than to sit down and eat'n at the dixie diner."

"Alright Miami give it up. rock and roll on a Monday night."

"Help this skinny boy out. we've got two more days."

"Good rockin' tonight."

"I hear you professor."

"Thank you, thank you very much. God bless you. you're still the greatest.

We love ya."

Джимми Баффетт

Dixie Diner / Джимми Баффетт

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