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Джими Хендрикс Джими ХендриксГитарист и композитор

Aint No Telling

Well, there ain't no,

Ain't no

Ain't no telling, baby

When you will see me again, but I pray

It will be tomorrow.

Well, the sunrise


Is burning my eyes, baby

I must leave now, but I really hope

To see you tomorrow

Well my house is, oh, such a sad mile away,

The feeling there always hangs up my day

Oh, Cleopatra, She's driving me insane,

She's trying to put my body in her brain.

So just kiss me goodbye, just to ease the pain.

Ain't no

Ain't no

Ain't no telling baby

Ain't no telling babe

Ain't no telling baby when you're gonna see me, but I really hope

It will be tomorrow

You know what I'm talking 'bout.

Ain't no telling

Sorry, but I must leave now

Джими Хендрикс

Aint No Telling / Джими Хендрикс

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