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Джими Хендрикс Джими ХендриксГитарист и композитор

Electric Church Red House



Yeah it's about the time we'd like to present you to the electric church

And baby if you would you all listen to our notes

Here here in our seens, playin'

Instead of rappin' like I am now

Then maybe I'll well maybe this is good enough

What ya think we stick with songs

It's all freedom

There's a red house, over yonder baby

That's where my baby stays

Lord there's a red house over yonder, baby

Lord that's where my baby stays

I ain't been home to see my baby

In about a ninety-nine and one half days

It's about time to see her

Wait minute something's wrong, babe

Lord have mercy this key won't unlock this door

Wait a minute something's wrong,

Wait a minute something's wrong baby,

Wait a minute something's wrong baby,

Lord have mercy the key won't unlock this door

Джими Хендрикс

Electric Church Red House / Джими Хендрикс

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