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She Cries A Rainbow

She Cries A Rainbow

Girl I know that you're feeling down (you say it too)

But I'm so sure I can fix that frown

I will never leave you, not deceive you

I can help you finish your fight

I can make you happy, if you let me, I'll take care of you

I can make your dark world bright


When she cries

When she cries

I see a rainbow

I see a brighter day


You go thru sad times girl I know

'Cause of the feelings I never show

If you would just give me a try (would you give me that)

You will see that in time...

[chorus] (repeat)

When she cries I see

When she cries I see

Now we both have come this far, I don't want you to give up

You just grab that shining star, filling in your loving cup

And we both stay together, together forever

We leave it all behind

Виктор Джим

She Cries A Rainbow / Виктор Джим

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