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The Way It Goes

I dont care about silly things

Cause all they do is clog my mind

And girl your love is all I need

To get me started feelinfine

I get up watch the morning news

Think about what I wanna do

Got endless time just you and me

I dont get off on memories

What I am is what you se

Live it up, cause baby I found the truth


I said hey thats the way it goes

Open up just let it flow

Cause girl I know what you need

I said hey - thats the way it goes

You rock my very soul

And I think you makinme believe

All I need is your tenderness

You send shivers down my spine

Lets make the best of it

Who cares about the rest of it

Today this love is yours and mine

Well wake up in the afternoon

Count the crators on the moon

Do anything we want to do


And I dont know what I want to remember

Before you shone your light on me

But this love is gonna change our life forever

The heart is real

The heart is real

Виктор Джим

The Way It Goes / Виктор Джим

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