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High Post Brotha

Everybody wants the hero

who just wants the man?

who fights with his devils

and does the best he can

everybody wants a playa

I just wanna be friends


Everybody wants a superstar

who got cars and ice

walks into the ghetto get pussy bar

makes all the girls look think twice

yeah sista he got money and thangs

but is he nice for you

He's a High Post Brotha

With money in his pocket

he got every-thing a girl could want

think maybe he don't

High Post Brotha

wit money in his pocket

he got everything a girl could want

i think maybe he don't

some sistas want tha balla

but mentally can he really play ball

dumbfounded by out the ghetto conversations

his mentality's oh so so small

get the cream

get the hoes

get the cars

he wants to go far

but how far is too far


Come here love (chickka) love

let me holla at you

cause what you got

is worth more than a dollar or two

soil another nigga's game

usually I wouldn't do

but you my girl

and I can tell that its bothering you

this motherahh must think that he a father to you

you got vision but boys blockin the view

i know he payin yo tuition

payin to get the car fixin

He got Juice or is he Pulp Fiction

Heard he be strip clubs

Flippin duhs like he got big buhs

is it his image

or him that you in love with

you on some sh*t but you was never superficial

~~(I ain't superficial)~~

When rent's due is trip what a chick do

You don't like his mind

the way he looks

and you said that his breath stinks

but all of that added up

doesn't equal a fresh mink

Let's think who you are

you the

Джил Скотт

High Post Brotha / Джил Скотт

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