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Джил Скотт Джил СкоттАмериканская певица и актриса.

Love Rain (Head Nod Remix)

[Mos Def]

There was this daddy long leg spider

Who spun his lyrics between the trees

And she was the fly girl who didn't see the web

And this is the story

[Jill and Mos]

Love(love rain)rain(a rain down)down

(Said what you say i say love)love(love rain)rain

(A rain down)down(I said what you say I say love)love

(a love rain)rain(a rain down)down(I say what you say)

(Brand new and live from Jill Scott)

(Making the ghetto feel hot and say what you say)

(let'em know)


Met him on a Thursday sunny afternoon cumulus clouds

84 degrees he was brown

Said he wanted to talk about my mission

Listen to my past lives...Word!

Took me on long walks to places where butterflies rest

easy, talked about Moses and Mumia

Reparations, blue colors and memories of the shell


Aww yeah yeah he was fresh

Like summer peaches sweet on my mind like block


and penny candy oh oh



The rain was falling slowly and sweetly

And stinging my eyes and I could not see that

He became my voodoo priest and I his faithful


Oh oh oh oh (Mos chanting in African dialect)

Wide open wide the mistake was made

(Don't front, you know I got you open)

Love slipped from my lips, dripped down my chin

And landed in his lap and us became brand new

And the sky was blue



It was half past dusk, you were rocking black musk

When your chariot stop low I made the clock wind slow

Grabbed my hips, curled a kiss across my lips

Like a whisper (damn)

Blue Train title track playing on the system


Джил Скотт

Love Rain (Head Nod Remix) / Джил Скотт

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