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Джил Скотт Джил СкоттАмериканская певица и актриса.

Honey Molassess

Honey Molasses

Ebony Majesty

Chocolate Brown Sugar

Sweet epiphany

I waited for your call

But you chose not to call me

I wondered what happened

Where you in side a safe space

And too I wondered

Were you thinking about me and if you were

why was I feeling so lonely

by the phone

alone to the bone

although the night before

you were in my home my body

my dome

in a circle of passion we

paris italy

japan africa rome

we made music

we trombone

it was magic the way it happened

pure electricity

I felt so inspired

and afraid at the same time

I don't know whether sing or to


Call me

Honey Molassess

Ebony majesty

Chocolate Brown Sugar

Sweet epiphany

Джил Скотт

Honey Molassess / Джил Скотт

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