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Джил Скотт Джил СкоттАмериканская певица и актриса.

One Is The Magic Number

No hay nadie mas que yo,

Uno es el numero magico

En vida y en muerte,

Uno es todo


If I multiply 2 times 2 is it really, really 4 me

La [x6]

And if I add 5 to get 9 minus 8 that just leaves me

Me [x8]

So many times I define my pride

Through somebody else's eyes (La da da, la da)

Then I looked inside and found my own stride,

I found the lasting love for me

If I'm searching for my spirituality

Passionately I must begin with me

There's just me...

One is the magic number [x2]

If I add myself unto myself multiplied times

You and yours and you again

There's just me

And if I divide 8 billion, 48 trillion, 98 zillion

There is, there is just me

If I subtract one plus me to the 5th degree,

Use any theorem

There's just me

There's just me...

One is the magic number [x2]

Me, me, me, me...

[Ad lib to end]

[thanks to sunshine1608@hotmail.com for these lyrics]

Джил Скотт

One Is The Magic Number / Джил Скотт

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