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Джил Скотт Джил СкоттАмериканская певица и актриса.

Honey Molasses

Honey molasses

Ebony majesty

Chocolate brown suga

Sweet epiphany

I waited for your call but you chose not to call me

I wonder what happened

Were you inside a safe space and too I wondered,

Were you thinking about me and if you were

Why was I feeling so lonely

By the phone

Alone to the bone

Although the night before you were in my home, my body, my dome

In a circle of passion we Paris, Italy, Japan, Africa, Rome(or roam)

We made music

We trombone

It was magic the way it happened, pure electricity

I felt so inspired and afraid at the same time

I don't know whether to sing or to ryhme

Call, me

Honey molasses

Ebony majesty

Cocolate brown suga

Sweet epiphany

(Talking Jill and Guy)

Hi, um, I was calling, uh, last night was...

Last night was,(sigh)look, just don't, just don't be afraid, ok?

Alright, um, I hope you can call me back and...

I-I'll talk to you, then

(Hello?)(hello?)(hello?) hello

Джил Скотт

Honey Molasses / Джил Скотт

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