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Джуэл Килчер Джуэл Килчерпоп-рок-певица

Do You Want To Play (in album This Way)

Met her on a Friday afternoon

In a neon dayglo pink chiffon satin room

She never looks back

She always looked good dressed in black


Oh, you're so special

Oh, who gives a...?

Do you want to play?

She lived beneath the disco discount store

With pictures of Randy Newman

Scattered all across the floor

I said 'This place looks sort of desolate'

She said 'Are you only half alive or

Have you always been this inarticulate?'



Don't think too hard, don't think too fast

Don't ever give away what you can't take back

Don't try and understand what you can't comprehend

Underneath the disco neon daylight chandelier

Disco deity of the chivalry

I said

Джуэл Килчер

Do You Want To Play (in album This Way) / Джуэл Килчер

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