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Джуэл Килчер Джуэл Килчерпоп-рок-певица

Youre in Cleveland Today

When walking underneath the shadows

Where dark and sweet secrets lay

When night tonight falls gently down

Hearts helplessly fall to the ground

Underneath a velvet sky

Only words can lie


I wanna tell*(play) you everything

I wanna make your toes curl

You be my only boy

And Ill be your only girl

This much Id like to say

But youre in cleveland today

Stewardesses like cosmo magazine

Vogue makes me nervous, I feel so plain

But I could face the world fearlessly

If you would face it here with me

With just our four hands and four eyes

Traffic cops would compromise


Daffodils and roulette wheels and rusty automobiles

Somewhere our things share the same windowsill

Somewhere our hearts exist independent of time

Somewhere we are whole

One body, one body and one mind

>from the air things look so ridiculous

Our fears so small our fight*hearts*mall* so vain*

*(our malls so small our fears so frail)

I want to pilot a plane with you

So all our problems look small too

Its just an inch from me to you

Depending on what map you use


Джуэл Килчер

Youre in Cleveland Today / Джуэл Килчер

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