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Джуэл Килчер Джуэл Килчерпоп-рок-певица

A Housewifes Revenge

Seems like that man took my heart


Laid it neatly out before him on the floor

Then he put on the biggest

Heaviest winter boots he had

And stomped on it for three hours,

Maybe four

And I hope his sorrells are ruined forever

Cause you know he knows how to push my every button

Get down to my last nerve

Like the other day he forgot to put his beer can

In the recycling bin

And he meant to do it on purpose Im sure

So I might just have to tell him

Why his dog, ralph, that ran away three years ago

Wont be coming home again

Cause you know he walks around the house

In his underwear

Whenever my girlfriends come around

And perhaps if he were good looking

I might feel a bit jealous, overzealous

But all I feel is embarrassed

Looking at him standing there

And I hope he never finds his left slipper

And my psychiatrist says I should tell him how I feel

He says, "oh great, I gotta listen to her snivel again"

So I have these little unfulfilled fantasies

Of putting arsenic in his teacup

Wed see whod be laughing then

If only he was the type to drink tea

Now I hear him come up the driveway

In his el camino

With its black with a red-flame firebird on front

He keeps the keys to himself

He wont take me out to the movies

Cause of football

So Ill just hold out on something else

Ill never cook him another single hungry man tv dinner again

I say, "listen man, you better treat me with some


Cause I gotta a whole lotta what you need

Then a whole lot besides, and then still a whole lot more"

He said, "yeah, if you were talking about your weight

That might be true - but otherwise all you give me is

Headache and heartburn"

So I took his hu

Джуэл Килчер

A Housewifes Revenge / Джуэл Килчер

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