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Tiny Love Spaces

I don't care if you leave your name after the beep.

Don't care if those are promises you intend to keep.

Cause lovers are just shadows that disappear with the light

And my happiness don't depend on if you come tonight.

Ahoh-oh oh

I don't think that you're cheap

I don't expect anything

You don't gotta leave what time you called on my machine.

Cause being in love just means calling places

when you can't afford the bill

Cause we all got these tiny love spaces that we need to fill

Ohoh oo

Filling up tiny love spaces

Getting lost inside of insatiable mazes

looking for heroes in worn-out faces

looking for a great big love in tiny places

You wake up, it's the next morning

Put my high-powered columbian crystals in the coffee machine

Read the newspaper, drink six cups of coffee, listen to Mozart's Fifth

Do most anything not to hear the phone ring

Oh oo ooooo

And I don't mind that you're emotionally blind

Don't care if I'm someone you want to see

You don't got to leave your number for me.

Cause I do not need your gosh-darn phone calls telling me how you feel

I only just need to make love to tell me that I'm real

Cause we all got these tiny love spaces that we need to fill Ohoh oooo

Джуэл Килчер

Tiny Love Spaces / Джуэл Килчер

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