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Love Like Mine


You call it charm but I'm not

What you're supposin' I am

I am all girl a lady I'm not

I like to fool around a lot

I never think a lot, when I drink a lot

Of sparkling wine

Hey, it's a ragged race can ya stand the pace

Of a love like mine

I'm warnin' you now so don't complain

About my constant insanity

An' for my tasteless profanity

I'm shunned by high society

I get talked about I been carried out

A thousand times

You made a big mistake there ain't no break

With a love like mine

There's a scene goin' down

When there's trouble who's always around

If you could see what your future would be

You go far out of town away from me

I never get dressed up when I'm all messed up

I'm feelin' fine

Think what life would be with a girl like me

And a love like mine

I'm not the girl next door oh no

I wake up mean an' ornery

Don't try to make me straight

You'll see what hell there's gonna be, oow

Won't you love a love like mine

Won't you love a love like mine

Won't you love a love like mine

Джоан Джетт

Love Like Mine / Джоан Джетт

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