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 Jets to Brazil Jets to BrazilАмериканская рок-группа

Little Light

there's a sign up ahead

says no signs for a while

and a line in my mind

from a song we both like

it sounds like me and you

and all we're going through

flip the tape hit rewind

it's my turn to drive

little light tonight

i just saw our whole life

you're a sweet avenue

that i can't seem to get to

now i'm so far from you

i'm naming stars for you

ship to shore do you read?

s.o.s. j.t.b.

there's only one way through

and i don't know

if it goes through you

i can't even see

where are we now?

nothing's changed

little light tonight

i don't like being right

but i know what will be

will somehow be allright

i see you c.w.

there is no other you

dawn comes down to your room

sing song blacking up my blue

the floor's a mess of cords

track number four

could use some more

if it takes a broken heart

just roll the tape

nothing's changed

Jets to Brazil

Little Light / Jets to Brazil

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